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With over 14 years in the field, I specialize in leading technical writers (docs teams) and writing technical content for the web. Specifically within the software development domain, accumulating 8 years dedicated to technical writing, copywriting, and content creation.Beyond professional realms, my interests span from emergency and tactical medicine, weightlifting and running, to being a music aficionado and curating playlists.

Crafting well-researched content to drive traffic, engage and convert your target audience into loyal customers.
Developing written content, creative blog posts, brochures, technical user documentation, white papers, eBooks, and case studies.Establishing and managing high-performing technical writing/docs teams.Writing concise and well-polished copy for marketing assets (print and digital), newsletters, social media, and website.SERVICES
✎ Building Tech Writers/Docs teams
✎ Technical writing ✎ Copywriting ✎ Content writing ✎ Ghostwriting

Product documentation

Drafted, edited, and manages documentation for the following companies: Syskit, Orioly, Infobip, Gideon and Pusher (MessageBird).

Technical Writing — Everything You Need To Know About Being A Tech Writer

Technical writing (Software development)

Currently working as a technical writer on drafting product documentation and developer-oriented technical content for Pusher such as blog posts, how-to tutorials, quick start guides, and more.

Latest content

What are Presence channels? Pusher Presence channels explained.Advantages of building secure realtime applications with Pusher ChannelsIntroducing Watchlist: notify users when their friends are onlineIntroducing Serverless Functions for Pusher ChannelsHacking our way to revamped Pusher tutorials and blog pages

Technical use cases/how-tos

Activate a Credit Card With the Help of a Chatbot

Confirm Transactions That Seem Suspicious

Speed up Onboarding With Newly Registered Users

Control Big Data for Kiosk Video Application


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How to Audit RD Gateway Connections

Auditing user logons through the RD Gateway is demanding. You have three ways to do this. First you can log onto each server to check for failed and successful logins (if you have enabled this feature). Second, you can deploy a custom PowerShell script to extract this kind of information automatically from the Event Log.The first option takes time and it’s a hassle because you have to dig your way through all those logs. You’d go bananas before you have any real records. For the second one, you need a good PowerShell script or have enough skills to write your own.The third option is to use a third-party tool to put all the information you need on one central console.Read more...

Technical copywriting (Healthcare)

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How to make sure you treat the right patient
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SharePoint Permissions Management - Terminology, Best Practices & Use Cases (White Paper)

Content Writing (Travel & Tourism)

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How To Become A Copywriter

When you’re a copywriter, you meet two kinds of people:
The ones who, when you introduce yourself as a copywriter, go straight to painting a mental picture of Don Draper sipping whiskey in a cloud of smoke in an office in the ’60s, and those who can’t really grasp what do copywriters do except write some stuff with a bunch of paper flying around the desk.
But paper is still flying around — at least on my desk!Writing skills don’t make you a copywriter — it’s more than that. However, you pick up all sorts of tips and tricks along the way, the most important of them being that everything you write matters. Read more...

Content Writing (Music Reviews)

Peter Bence: No Pianos Were Harmed During My Performance
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Name a lyrical genius. Jack Savoretti.
Greatest Movie Scores and Soundtracks
How music saved me: the Nightmare on Anxiety Street

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Konica Minolta

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